Life As A Bass Player

I've always wanted to be a bass player. I was never one of those guys that started out on guitar, sucked, and switched to bass. Something about those low tones.

I loved how if everyone else was playing a

C major chord, I could play a C, A, F, G and change the chord that everyone else was playing. I was master of the music Universe,

in my mind  anyway..

To me, the most important members of any musical group, regardless of genre, is the Bass and Drums. They are the Heart and Soul of a group. I’ve played with some of the finest musicians in the world, but the most enjoyable gigs were because of the fantastic drummers that were on those engagements. Drums & Bass.

The Groove Makers!

I’ve never turned down a gig, because of the style of music that was being played.

You can learn so much from playing everything.

Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country & Western, Blues, Gospel, Latin and everything in between.

I've loved it all. Learning all the little  nuances of each style of music, and what makes it special and different from other genres.


Most people think playing music is just about having fun, but no.. It is hard work and discipline, hours and hours of practice and learning. If you grew up playing music in the late 60’s like I did, there was no YouTube, where you could see what the musicians were doing. Or computers and software, that could slow down the music so you could learn the cool lick that the guy on the record was playing. You would sit for hours, with your turntable, playing that song over and over, till you got it.

Even then, it wasn’t exact, but close enough to get through it. Loved every minute of it.


Well, I could go on for hours about my experiences playing bass, but to wrap this up

let me finish by saying, I’ve had a Ball in my music career and wouldn’t change one thing about it.


Music is my Sanctuary.